Thursday, July 25, 2013

CT Letters By Smith And Griswold

The letter from Lieut.-Gov. John Cotton Smith is a valuable missing link in the correspondence between State-authorities and the General Government, on the subject of Secretary of War Dearborn's requisition for troops of the militia of Connecticut, to be ordered into the service of the United States, on the breaking out of the War of 1812.

But more important and interesting, in the same connection, is the following draft of a letter written by Gov. Griswold, on the 4th of Aug., 1812, to Secretary Dearborn, which, it is believed, has never appeared in print, and was, perhaps, never sent.  Being found among the family-papers, it is put on record here as an additional tribute to his memory.


I have Griswolds in my family tree (the Governor is not in my direct line).

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