Saturday, September 14, 2013

John Anderson, West Point Graduate

John Anderson "served in the War of 1812 at Detroit and was made prisoner when Hull surrendered."

"He [Anderson] made an exploring trip into the northwestern and western country soon after and in 1815-16 surveyed Lake Champlain. In 1817 he was engaged in constructing the military road from Detroit to the Maumee River. In 1818 he was in Washington D. C. when it was reported that he had died. This was later denied and on August 21, 1818, he married Julia Ann Taylor, a Quakeress of that city. They returned to Detroit in September, and in 1819 he surveyed Grosse Isle. They lived where the old Mariners' Church now stands. Major Anderson took an interest in the affairs of the town and was very much liked."

"He died September 14, 1834, at Detroit, Mich., aged 59 years. His widow, Julia Ann Taylor Anderson, died October 29, 1842, leaving her property in trust for a church, the Mariners' Church, at the death of her sister Charlotte Thomas Anderson, of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, NY, and E. Rood of Detroit were among the heirs of John Anderson."  From the Governor and judges journal: proceedings of the Land board of Detroit

Register of West Point Graduates
26 JUSTUS POST. Died, March 14, 1846, at Caledonia, Ill, aged 65.
27 SATERLEE CLARK. Died, 1848, Washington, D. C.
28 JOHN ANDERSON. Died, Sept. 14, 1834, at Detroit, Mich.
29 SAMUEL CHAMPLIN. Died, Feb. 10, 1863, Charleston, S. C.
30 SAMUEL NOAH. Near Mt. Pulaski, Ill.

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