Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lieutenant Burrows

William Burrows was born at Kenderton, near Philadelphia, on the sixth day of October, in the year 1785.   His father [William Ward Burrows of South Carolina], then in possession of a large property, did not wish to confine the genius of his son to any particular pursuit, apprehending that the paternal estate would be amply sufficient to his support in the style and character of a gentleman.

....he [William Burrows' father] accordingly seconded his application to the secretary of the navy for an office and Burrows was appointed a midshipman in November 1799. 

Shortly after his exchange [the ship he was on was captured], lieutenant Burrows was ordered by government to repair to Portsmouth New Hampshire, and to take the command of the United States' sloop of war Enterprise, then in a state of readiness for sea. His mind was still sore with a sense of his unredressed grievance, on the subject of his rank. But the prospect of active service gratified his master passion, the love of glory, which suspended, for a season, all other considerations. He declared, to an intimate friend, that he would serve during the war, and that he would then dash his commission in the fire. SourceThe Port Folio

Lieutenant Burrows died during the battle of the Boxer and the Enterprise.  

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