Saturday, September 21, 2013

Raid On Gananoque

From Wikipedia: "On September 21, 1812, during the War of 1812, a United States force of some 200 regulars and militia under Captain Benjamin Forsyth attacked Gananoque, Ontario. The village was an important forwarding point for supplies moving up the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Kingston ... ."

The War of 1812 website, "A Tranquil River No More: The Raid on Gananoque 1812," by Robert Henderson has two interesting drawings of the area included in the narrative (excerpted below):
"It had been a surprisingly long journey from Sackets Harbor on Lake Ontario... .  Avoiding open water would have been a necessity.   If they happened upon one of the many British gunboats patrolling the river, they would have to quickly land and take cover on one of the islands.  Stories of British Indian allies lurking behind every tree likely played on their imagination as the forest made eerie shadows on the dark waters of the St. Lawrence."

See the YouTube version of The Raid on Gananoque (picture above from YouTube).

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