Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Harrison Trail

Source: Harrison Trail Gateway

"...General William Henry Harrison was encamped with a considerable army at Camp Seneca, a few miles south of here, having come so far on his way to meet the British forces that were occupying the western end of Lake Erie. While Harrison paused at Fort Seneca where he could keep in communication with the forces that were gathering at some distance upon his right and left flank, Major Croghan won his famous victory over the British forces at Fort Stephenson... ."

"Long lines of well armed infantry and splendidly mounted cavalry with their accompanying artillery and baggage wagons moved along this trail, passed through the area occupied by this gateway and over the hill beyond on its way to old Fort Sandoski and across Lake Erie to the brilliant victory of the Thames."

"Between the Harrison and Buckland entrances runs the Harrison Trail, an old deeply trodden military road preserved as the principal driveway of Spiegel Grove [the home of President Rutherford B. Hayes]."  [Source]

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