Friday, October 18, 2013

Lyon's Creek

Josiah Snelling, Jr. ....early developed a military taste and became a distinguished officer in the United States Army taking a prominent part in the battles of Tippecanoe, Brownstown, and Lyon's Creek.

This snippet from the Historical Society of Wisconsin [Draper] gave us the name of Captain Snelling's commanding officer:
"Captain [Snelling]...distinguished in the affair at Lyon's Creek under Gen Bissell... ." 

The Great River Road website [St. Louis area] featured an article on the General Daniel Bissell house that included the following:

"With the onset of the War of 1812...Bissell was...given command of the 5th Infantry and in 1814 he given a brevet promotion to brigadier-general and assigned a brigade in Izard's Right Division at Plattsburgh. He commanded this brigade throughout 1814 and won a tactical draw at the small action fought at Lyon's Creek or Cooks' Mills, Canada, on October 19, 1814."


Canadian perspective:

"That the enemy does not intend to leave the frontier is evident from the events of this day 18th when a large force was reported to be moving up Black Creek in the direction of Cook's Mills on Lyon's Creek. Sent the Glengarry Light Infantry and seven companies of the 82nd and on being informed that the enemy had passed Cook's Mills, sent the remaining three companies of the 82nd and the 100th regiment with orders to Myers to feel the enemy closely which he shall attack if not too strong."

Drummond to Prevost 20th October. Report of the retreat of the force from Cook's Mills without destroying the mills which might have been done on public grounds. The commanding officer (Bissell) has been very cautious about burning or plundering, probably admonished by the retaliation at Washington and on the coast.

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