Friday, October 4, 2013

The Maj. Gardner Court Martial

The "Court martial : proceedings of a general court martial held at Fort Independence (Boston Harbor), for the trial of Major Charles K. Gardner of the Third Regiment Infantry, upon charges of misbehavior, cowardice in the fact of the enemy, &c. : preferred against him by Major General Ripley", convened on 4 October 1815 and included the following personnel:

Colonel M'NElL, President 

Lieut. Col. Eustis, Lieut. Col. Walbach, Major Harris. Major Brooks, Capt. McDowell, Capt. Manigault*,
Capt. Bennett, Capt. Craig.

Major Crane and Capt. Irvine, Supernumeraries. 
Lieut. James L. Edwards, of the Corps of Artillery, Judge Advocate.

By Order of General Ripley

*Captain Thornton, of the Light Artillery, will sit as a member of the Court Martial in lieu of Captain Manigault.

Major Gardner was charged with Charge 1: "Misbehavior in the face of the enemy," at Chippeway on July 5, 1814; at Lundy's Lane on 25 July 1814; and at Fort Erie on September 17, 1814.Charge 2 was Cowardice and Charge 3 was Neglect of Duty, Charge 4 was Conduct Unbecoming An Officer and a Gentleman.

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The description of the Charles Kitchell Gardner Papers (seen here) indicated that "He was found guilty of being disrespectful to a superior, but not guilty of cowardice or neglect of duty."

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