Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fort Mifflin

My presumed ancestor, William Hinds, died near Fort Mifflin on June 25, 1813.

Source [On Mud Island - Map Depicting Revolutionary War era]

Mifflin: The Fort That Saved America, by Andrew M. Coker, was featured here.  Excerpts below:

"After Jefferson was elected, he decreased the funding from $15,000 dollars in the year of 1800, to $1,000 dollars in 1801. Since the nation’s capital had moved from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. the year before, officials no longer saw the importance of Fort Mifflin."

"As a precautionary protection measure for Philadelphia in the War of 1812, Fort Mifflin was once again actively manned. Captain James Nelson Barker was appointed commander of the fort on July 16, 1812. Although the fort was prepared to defend Philadelphia, it saw no action during the War of 1812."

From The Story Of Philadelphia:

Meanwhile there was a good deal of nervousness at Philadelphia which was practically unprotected. Colonel Izard and Lieutenant Colonel Winfield Scott had taken the bulk of the Fort Mifflin troops with them to fight in Canada and the West. There were, in fact, only fourteen invalided soldiers in the fort.

A Fraternity Formed in the War of 1812 Era....Fort Mifflin and the Society of Red Men:

"...does conclusively prove the existence of a Society of Red Men at Fort Mifflin during the war of 1812."

Source: Another Revolutionary War era map [Fort Mifflin Played A Part In That War] 

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