Monday, November 18, 2013


From A Map At Horseshoe Bend NP

A day or two later [after the Battle of Talladega] the people of Hillabee town about the site of the present village of that name in Clay county, Alabama, sent messengers to Jackson's camp to ask for peace which that commander immediately granted. In the meantime, even while the peace messengers were on their way home with the good news, an army of one thousand men from east Tennessee under General White, who claimed to be independent of Jackson's authority, together with four hundred Cherokee under Colonel Gideon Morgan and John Lowrey, surrounded the town on November 18, 1813, taking it by surprise, the inhabitants having trusted so confidently to the success of their peace embassy that they had made no preparation for defense. Sixty warriors were killed and over two hundred and fifty prisoners taken with no loss to the Americans, as there was practically no resistance.   [Source]

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