Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mahlon Burwell, His Capture And His Map

The colonization survey of the Talbot Road was made by Mahlon Burwell, a resident of Dunwich, who lived...near the home of Col. Thos. Talbot. Burwell surveyed from the Niagara to the Detroit. 

He made a map and plan of Malden in time to give Gen. Proctor when on his way to Ft. Malden during that war. Letters to surveyors, Generals and other officials show he was at Niagara 1812-1813. In 1814 a small body of American soldiers ravaged the Pt. Talbot settlement, and Mahlon Burwell was carried off a prisoner.  [Source]

See more about Mahlon Burwell's capture at the Elgin Historical Society's website.  

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