Friday, November 1, 2013

Portrait of Stephen Van Rensselaer


From The War of 1812 website:

"Despite being an anti-war Federalist, a political rival publicly suggested that Van Rensselaer be named a major general in the New York militia. Van Rensselaer knew his reputation would be at stake if he refused, and so he reluctantly became the leader of over six thousand men that were expected to conduct a successful invasion of Canada. Luckily, he had a family ally who was also a capable commander; his cousin, Solomon Van Rensselaer."

From the Historic Lewiston website:

"Why the Americans Lost the Battle of Queenston, in the words of the losing American Major General, Stephen Van Rensselaer written the day after the historic War of 1812 battle [to General Dearborn]."  Apparently it was a career-ending loss for General Stephen Van Rensselaer.

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