Thursday, November 14, 2013

Southerland Mayfield's Abstracted Pension File

Abstracts of pensions: soldiers of the Revolution, 1812 and Indian wars who settled the Blue Grass region of Kentucky ([n.d.]), by Lucy Kate McGee


Mayfield, Southerland
Private   Amelia
Private  Captain C. H. Holder Company
17th U.S. Infantry and Captain Robert Edwards
Kentucky Militia
War of 1812  O.W. 23795
W.C. 22380 - Old War Invalid File 25646

"The above named soldier lost one foot during the War of 1812 to the heel and all of his toes on the other foot, signed -- Dr. John H. Wood and Dr. S. Willis"

The soldier participated in the Battle of The River Raisin.


Miss Shelle said...

Sutherland Mayfield was an ancestor of mine. Interesting reading about him. Thank you!

PalmsRV said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Miss Shelle. Being from Michigan, those who participated in the Battle of the River Raisin are special to me.