Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Preparing For The Game Of Conquest


From the History of the settlement of upper Canada (Ontario): with special reference ...:

In 1801 there was still further legislation, and again in 1808, when there was "an act to explain, amend, and reduce to one act of Parliament the several laws now in being for the raising and training of the militia." And a suitable salary was to be allowed to the Adjutant-General.  Legislation at this time was deemed necessary because of the aggressive spirit manifested by the United States. The game of conquest was already begun by the selfish statesmen of America, and even foul means were being adopted to subvert British power on the continent. The year prior, Lower Canada had taken steps under Mr. Dunn to protect themselves against a wily enemy. General Brock was earnestly engaged in perfecting the defences of Quebec. In 1809 an act was passed respecting billeting Her Majesty's troops. and the Provincial Militia. and furnishing them on the march. and impressing horses. carriages. oxen. boats. &c. 

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