Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ship Island And The British

Fort At Ship Island

"Intelligence that the British Government had fitted out an expedition which was intended for the capture of New Orleans and Mobile reached the authorities at Washington December 9, 1814, and the President directed the Governors of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia to dispatch their militia to New Orleans."

"The British Army was in command of General Pakenham.  It was composed of 7,000 picked soldiers including veterans who had served under Wellington, and a portion of the British Chesapeake force under Admiral Cochrane. They were transported in fifty large vessels and anchored off the entrance to Lake Borgne in the latter part of December. A meager flotilla of American gunboats opposed their landing, but it was speedily and effectually dispersed. The enemy took full possession of Lake Borgne and effecting a landing on Ship Island crossed to the Northwestern end of Lake Borgne and on Dec 25 struck the Mississippi about nine miles below New Orleans." [Source]

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