Thursday, February 13, 2014

Unrecognized Heroics


From A Sketch Of The Life Of General Towson...

Colonel Scott, to whom Captain Towson naturally looked for a report of his participation in the affair, was made prisoner at Queenstown, immediately after, and before he had an opportunity of mentioning the gallant achievement of the Captain.

The only report of the capture of the brigs therefore was made by the naval commander to whom the credit is due of originating the scheme. Lieut. Elliott received the thanks of Congress, while no notice was taken of Captain Towson; although the latter boarded and carried the Caledonia and afterwards by his persevering intrepidity saved her under circumstances of difficulty and danger, not less than those that caused the destruction of the other brig.

On the return of Lieut. Colonel Scott from captivity, some months afterwards, we are told he obtained a promise from Mr. Armstrong, then Secretary of War, to brevet Captain Towson for his highly distinguished part in that affair, but for reasons with which we are unacquainted, that promise was never fulfilled.

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