Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Ryersons

Life and times of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, K. B.:

On the 6th August, Brock left York for Burlington Bay on his way to Detroit to meet the enemy, accompanied by the York Volunteers... not then knowing that the grand army had decamped.  Brock had depended on picking up the militia by the way and appointed a rendezvous at Long Point in the county of Norfolk. Not far from this place was the residence of Colonel Ryerson of the Norfolk militia.

Among the band of the United Empire Loyalists who took part in the war of 1812, there is no name more deserving of remembrance than that of George Ryerson (some time after the war the Rev. George Ryerson)....... .  The reverend gentleman and soldier was of the loyal family of Ryersons, of New Jersey, who performed eminent service to the British cause during the struggle of the American colonies for independence .  George was the son of Joseph Ryerson, and brother of the Rev. Egerton Ryerson...  .

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