Monday, April 28, 2014

His Loss Will Be Severely Felt

Fort Pike In Louisiana

From the Official letters of the military:



April 28th, 1813.


The enemy was repulsed by a far less number than their own; and as soon as general Pike landed with 7 or 800 men, and the remainder of the troops were pushing for the shore, the enemy retreated to their works...when the head of the columns was within about sixty rods of the enemy, a tremendous explosion occurred from a huge magazine prepared for the purpose, which discharged such immense quantities of stone, as to produce a most unfortunate effect on our troops. I have not yet been able to collect the returns of our killed and wounded, but our loss by the explosion, must, I fear, exceed 100; and among them, I have to lament the loss of the brave and excellent officer, brigadier general Pike, who received such a contusion from a large stone, as terminated his valuable life within a few hours. His loss will be severely felt. 

[Letter authored by General Dearborn]

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