Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Remains of Earlier Fort Unearthed

Landmarks on the Niagara frontier: 

And for its special protection he [Montresor] erected a fortified blockhouse and quarters for soldiers on the brow of the mountain at its upper end.  These were supplemental to the fortified warehouse which the French had built near the same site in 1751, which stood back from the edge of the mountain.  The lower ends of the logs which formed the lower story of this special blockhouse of Montresor were unearthed in 1812 by the Americans in building Fort Gray on the same site.

Fort Gray   
(1812 - 1813), Lewiston
Located just north of the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge. It was to protect the northern end of the Niagara Falls portage. It was attacked and destroyed by the British in December 1813. No remains, no marker. Site was probably at Barton Hill, at North 3rd and Center Streets. The present Barton Hill Mansion was built in 1815.

Also Fort Grey?

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