Tuesday, April 15, 2014


As seen in The Plaindealer:

"The Canadians are well armed, hardy, inured to fatigue, abstemious in their habits, and thorough republicans in principle, as well as by the French laws of division of wealth. Guns are to be found in every house."

"As marksmen they are infinitely superiour to British soldiers, for (thanks to the absence of game laws) they are accustomed from infancy to the use of fire-arms. Their courage was well proved in the war of 1812, in which the chasseurs, voltigeurs, and battalions of militia of Lower Canada, were as gallant, fine looking, bold and effective troops a any in the service."

From Historic Canada, the Voltigeurs of the War of 1812:

"On 15 April, Lieutenant General Sir George Prevost, governor of British North America and commander of its armed forces, raised a Provincial Corps of Light Infantry in Lower Canada known as the Voltigeurs de Québec."

See what the uniform looks like here.

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