Saturday, May 31, 2014

Captain And Consul Townshend Stith

From Letters Received by the Office Of The Adjutant General…, 1805-1821, at Fold3:

Plattsburg, N. York, 31 May 1814

I have never served with Captain Towns(h)end Stith of the 5th Infantry, nor have I any personal acquaintance with him.  I believe it a fact that he has never done but very trifling duty since his first appointment.   ....he has been absent in Virginia.   ...signed by Daniel Bissell.

Major Townsend Stith of Virginia, American consul at Tunis, and Arabian horses:

The Earl Gregg Swem Library at William and Mary has the Townshend Stith Account Book, 1819-1821, 1865, among its holdings.
"The book contains 21 pages of Stith's accounts on his way from the United States to Tunis in 1819, his expenses on the trip, and his expenses and income while on duty in Tunis." 

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