Tuesday, June 3, 2014

John Tapson's Journal

A holding in the University of Michigan's Clements Library:

Inclusive dates: 1806-1814
Extent: 211 pages
Abstract: The John Tapson journal is a detailed record of a junior officer's service in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic War and the War of 1812.

"In August, 1811, Tapson rejoined the Africaine for a tour in the South Seas. Making a circuitous route from Sri Lanka to India and Indonesia, then back to India, the Africaine arrived in Bombay on January 1, 1813, just in time to receive word that war had been declared between the United States and Britain. The Africaine was immediately charged with intercepting a small fleet of American merchantmen (valued at £300,000 each) from Canton and set sail once again for the East Indies."

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