Monday, July 28, 2014

Brock's Glorious Words


'"We are engaged in an awful and eventful contest. By unanimity and despatch in our councils and by vigour in our iterations, we will teach the enemy this lesson; that a country defended by free men, enthusiastically devoted to the cause of their King and constitution, can never be conquered."'

"It was with these glorious and inspiring words that Major-General Brock, then Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of  Upper Canada, concluded the speech with which on the 27th July, 1812, he opened the extra session of the Legislature of the Province, which he had summoned immediately following the declaration of war by the United States on the 18th of June."

Major-General Sir Isaac Brock was born 6th October, 1769; died 13th October, 1812, by J. A. Macdonell, K.C., Glengarry. 

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