Monday, July 7, 2014

Pre-War British Instigation

From History of the Late War in the Western Country:

In the meantime, the British commandant at Detroit had seized a commanding spot in the American territory
on the north side of the Miami of the lakes, below the Rapids, where he had erected a strong fort, from which the Indians were notoriously fed and supplied with ammunition, under the pretense of paying them annuities. They also were secretly counselled in relation to their management of the war. The following extracts from the letters of Colonel McKee, the superintendent of Indian affairs for the districts of Detroit and Mackinaw, which were addressed from this fort to Colonel England, the military commandant at Detroit, are worthy to be preserved as evidence of the conduct of the British government in this case.

Excerpts from the McKee letters:

Another letter involving Colonel England from War Department papers:

Date July 11, 1796
Author Name: Anthony Wayne (primary) Location: Fort Washington
Recipient Name: James McHenry (primary)
Summary Wayne announced the possession of the Detroit and Miamis posts, previously held by Great Britain. Enclosed letters from Captain DeButs and Colonel Richard England (British Officer) recounting exchange of possession.

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