Friday, July 18, 2014

To The Petite Cote

Source (Page 266)

Taken from The War On The Detroit The Chronicles Of Thomas Vercheres de Boucherville....:

"During the month of July we had several skirmishes with the enemy [Americans], the most important one being at the bridge over the Canard River, between Sandwich and Amherstburg and about three miles from the latter village."  "Here we had a picket composed of a company of infantry and some artillery men in charge of the fieldpieces stationed there, besides some [Indians] for patrol duty."  "The Americans attacked this picket but were forced to retire in great haste."

"One day in July a band of Indians composed of Shawnees with Tecumseh at their head, besides some Ottawas and Potawatomi came to my store...and asked me if I would go with them to Petite Cote, three miles beyond our picket at River Canard, to deliver a blow to the enemy."

From the American perspective:


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