Wednesday, August 6, 2014

McGaw From Niagara

"In the diary of Wm. McGaw, a militiaman from Niagara, and who was with Gen. Brock at the taking of Detroit, August 16, 1812, many of the items in the American Prisoner's Journal are corroborated." [Source] 

McGaw's in Grimsby, Lincoln County, District of Niagara [ excerpt from "my" William Howard's petition]:

... William McLean and his wife (whose maiden name had been Jane McGaw, a UE loyalist Daughter) he purchased her rights, which the said Jane had been granted her in the year 1815...Your petitioner purchased a lot three years ago, in the Sixth Concession of the Township of Grimsby, county of Lincoln, in the District of Niagara, at an exorbitant price, being told by the... . 

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