Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Early Amherstburg


"...to search the title to Lot No. 11, First Street, or Lot No. 3 on Dalhousie Street, in the Town of Amherstburg.  This lot fronts on what is still known as Dalhousie Street, the main street in the town, and on the southeast corner of said street and Gore Street, and about ____ yards from the remains of the old fort.  I found that this lot, or rather a portion of it, was conveyed by deed dated July 22nd, 1799, by Richard Pattinson and Co., of Sandwich, merchants, and is described as 'the undivided half....being in the Town near the Garrison of Amherstburg, and containing 30 feet in front by 120 feet in depth, with the dwelling-house and stable erected thereon.'  In the deed which follows this, dated 23rd September, 1808, from Robert Innes to William Duff... ." [Source]

"...three different forts had been constructed, or partly constructed, at Amherstburg at different times, and that the first was officially known as Fort Amherstburg, the second was known both as Fort Amherstburg and as Fort Malden, and that the third, constructed subsequent to 1837, bore the name Fort Malden." [Source]

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