Sunday, September 14, 2014

General Orders At Plattsburgh

Extracts From General Orders Issued By GEN. ALEX. MACOMB
At Plattsburgh, September 14, 1814 

"The Governor General of the Canadas and Commander in Chief of the British forces in North America, having invaded the Territories of the United States, with the avowed purpose of conquering the country as far as Crown Point and Ticonderoga, there to winter his forces with a view to further conquest, brought with him a powerful army and flotilla,--an army amounting to fourteen thousand men, completely equipped and accompanied by a numerous train of artillery and all the engines of war,--men who had conquered in France, Spain, Portugal, the Indies, and in various parts of the Globe, and led by the most distinguished Generals of the British army.  A flotilla also, superior to ours in vessels, men, and guns, had determined at once to crush us both by land and by water."

"The Governor General * * * appeared before the village of Plattsburgh, with his whole army, and on the eleventh, the day fixed for the general attack, the flotilla arrived."

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