Thursday, October 2, 2014

Daniel Cruger's Foray Into Canada

Soon after this [burning of Newark] he [Major Cruger] was placed in command of a detachment of soldiers, and two companies of Indians under the command of the celebrated chief, Red Jacket, with orders to proceed into the interior of Canada on a reconnaissance. The movement was attended with great danger from ambuscades of hostile Indians and attacks from heavy bodies of British troops which could be thrown forward against them. But Major Cruger was not a man to shrink from danger, and with his little command he carefully, successfully, and skillfully obeyed his instructions.

On the 2nd day of October they approached a small Indian village. Hearing an unusual shouting, yelling, and whooping, Cruger halted and sent forward scouts to ascertain the cause of the commotion. After a short absence they returned and reported that the Indians had three American soldiers whom they had captured and were about compelling to run the gauntlet.  [Source]

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