Tuesday, October 7, 2014

(Then) Colonel Joseph Grubbins



Travels Amongst the Loyalists: 1813 – by Stephen Davidson:

"In July of 1813, Lt. Colonel Joseph Gubbins prepared himself for his annual inspection tour of New Brunswick's militia regiments."

"In Kouchibouguac, Gubbins met Jacob Kollock, a loyalist from Delaware. As well as serving as a supervisor of roads, Kollock also was the major for the local militia. He had persuaded his neighbours to build a blockhouse to defend the community during the war."

"(Gubbins' New Brunswick Journals 1811 & 1813, edited by Howard Temperley, was published in 1980 by New Brunswick Heritage Publications.)"

See more about Grubbins' Journal here.

A report of retired Major-General Joseph Grubbins' death:

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