Wednesday, November 12, 2014

British Armed Schooner At Pensacola


Copy of a Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Bower to Brigadier-General Clairborne, dated Mobile Point, September 14, 1813.

"Sir, I have information from a source in which I placed every confidence, that a British armed schooner from the Bahamas arrived at Pensacola on the 10th instant, with a large supply of arms, ammunition, clothing, and blankets for the Creek Indians, also that the old Seminole chief Perriman and his son William, the latter lately appointed a brigadier-general in the British service, are at Pensacola.  They drove into that place two hundred head of fine cattle, and sacrificed them at the heretofore unknown price of from one to eight dollars per head.  Fifty cows and calves sold for fifty dollars, so anxious were they to get supplies to join the hostile Indians."

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