Friday, November 14, 2014

Jonas Genung

A War of 1812 soldier found in the Genung, Ganong, Ganung Genealogy: A History of the Descendants of Jean ... book:

Jonas Genung was a soldier in [Christopher] Bellinger's 27th Regiment in the War of 1812.

From Archivegrid:

 Papers related to the War of 1812, mostly relating to Christopher Bellinger's regiment
New-York Historical Society  .2 linear feet.
...Other miscellaneous documents, mostly related to Bellinger's regiment, which appears to have been stationed at Sackett's Harbour...

From Sustained honor:  The Age of Liberty Established:

About the 20th of July, Fernando's company joined the regiment of Colonel Bellinger at Sackett's Harbor, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Nine days later, the British squadron composed of the Royal George, 24 guns, Prince Regent, 22 guns, Earl of Moira, 20 guns, Simcoe, 12 guns, and Seneca, 4 guns, appeared and bore down on the American forces there. Fernando was sleeping when the discovery was made, but was soon roused and saw soldiers hauling in the Oneida so as to lay her broadside to the approaching enemy. Colonel Bellinger's militia were many of them raw recruits, and the approach of a fleet unnerved a few of them; but the majority were cool as veterans.

"Take that thirty-two pound gun up on the bluff," commanded the colonel, pointing out an old iron cannon down by the shore.

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