Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wartime Letters

The Archives of the Florence Griswold Museum holds the letters to Phebe Griffin Lord from her brother in New York written during the war:

A view of the war from Connecticut's perspective:

"The second war with Britain, which crippled New England’s maritime trade, was so unpopular in Connecticut that Governor Roger Griswold from Lyme refused to allow the state’s militia to serve. Already ill, Governor Griswold died in office in October 1812."

An excerpt of a letter from George Griffin to Phoebe Lord, dated 27 November 1813:

"This dreadful war is injuring this city deeply, & prostrating my profession. If the times become much worse, there will be literally nothing doing here."

Some background on the Lord and Griffin families via a brief bio of Phoebe Griffin Lord Noyes:

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