Friday, December 12, 2014

Couche Should Be Hanged

"Edward Couche, deputy commissary general.  The "means" was a local currency to pay 4,000 militia ordered out by Brock.  He needed 1,500 pounds and couldn't get the funds.  Hence we find, December 12, 1813, Col. Nichol writing to Talbot, remarking: "Couche should be hanged."  He made good in many other ways later on." [Source]


"On the sixth of August the deputy-commissary at Amherstburg wrote as follows to Edward Couche, the commissary-general for the province of Upper Canada: 'If the Indians remain and continue their wanton and extensive depredations on cattle, a short period will put an end to our supplies.'"
"'I could easily have supplied provisions for 2,000 troops in conformity with your letter of the 18th of July. Since then I have been feeding 15,000 troops Indians &c I find such difficulty in procuring flour corn etc to feed such hordes...'" [Source]


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