Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Town Was Soon In Flames


Some time after reaching the seat of war, the general [McClure], understanding that certain orders directed him to burn the town of Newark, in Canada, took the necessary steps to obey.  Major Cruger and Mr. Spencer, however, dissented from the view of the order taken by General McClure, and objected to burning the town. About this time Mr. Spencer was called home by sickness in his family, and Mr. Cruger stood alone in his opposition. The general, therefore, prepared to carry out his construction of the order, and Major Cruger was ordered to enter the town with a flag of truce, and inform the "inhabitants of the threatened conflagration."  He obeyed the order, entered the town with an orderly, and after giving the usual notice, he and his orderly assisted the inhabitants to remove their effects; and the town was soon in flames. [Source]

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