Saturday, January 31, 2015

Skirting The Blockade Of 1812


The Life and Adventures of Capt. Robert W. Andrews... South ...:

Captain Andrews has always lived a hardy life, and during the blockade of 1812 drove a four mule team from Statesburg, S. C., to Boston, with Southern products, and back to Charleston with cotton and woolen cards and other things that could not be gotten round by water. In 1812 he was employed in a woolen mill for a time, operated by Mr. Seth Davis, of Newton, Mass., who applied to the hardy young Carolinian the sobriquet of 'Buckskin.' When Mr. Davis saw the announcement of the pedestrian's arrival in the Boston papers, he wrote to him inquiring if he was the 'Buckskin' of 1812; and if so, inviting him to visit him. Capt. Andrews did so, and found his old friend hale and hearty at the venerable age of 101.

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