Thursday, February 19, 2015

General Wilkinson's Camp


The camp was mentioned in David Kilbourn's petition:

"General Wilkinson,.....engaged to examine, secretly, the British posts in Canada, to procure accurate information of their numbers and position, and to communicate the result to the American commander; that he [David Kilbourn] executed this commission to the entire satisfaction of General Wilkinson...".

"...that the enemy, having been informed of the petitioner's employment and acts, apprehended him, confined him in prison, treated him harshly, and proposed putting him to death, when he made his escape [twice]."

"...after his escape, he repaired to General Wilkinson's camp at the French Mills, who renewed to him his former promises, furnished him with money to defray his expenses to Sackett's Harbour, and recommended him to the Quartermaster at that port...".

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