Thursday, February 5, 2015

Poem Fredoniad

The Fredoniad:


...In consequence of the calamities at Raisin, offensive operations are deferred until the return of Spring....

The scene is laid at the above-mentioned place.

The time is about ten months: from the commencement of the War, June 18th, 1812, until the Spring of 1813. From the time the Essex enters Valparaiso, till the day of Battle, is forty-six hours.

A sample of verses:
On the same morn of the disastrous day,
Which wrapp'd the martyrs in their robes of clay,
Shelby commanded Croghan from his rest,
And him, like father to a son, address'd:

Thy youthful warriors marshal, and proceed
To strengthen Lewis at his pressing need.
His heart, all anxious, palpitates with pain
To meet the foe, progressing on the plain. 

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