Tuesday, March 10, 2015

After Running The Gauntlet

Reconstruction of the fort on Mackinac Island

Heroes and Heroines of the Fort Dearborn Massacre: A Romantic and Tragic ... By Noah Simmons, included the following, about Mrs. Susan Simmons:

Sometime in the fall of I812 the warriors of Green Bay with their prisoners left Green Bay and marched to the ruins of Fort Dearborn, thence around the end of lake Michigan and up to Mackinac, which was still in the hands of the British and Indians. It was winter when they reached Mackinac, and negotiations for the ransom of the prisoners were opened. Mrs Simmons and her babe had suffered terribly while on the journey to Mackinac. Winter had come on and found her thinly clad while she was often compelled to seek food from under the snow. Still amid all her privations and hardships the heroic woman thought only of the safety and comfort of her child. While in Green Bay the Indians had, by various devices, attempted to take her babe from her, under the pretext of friendship.

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