Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Early Amherstburg And Fort Malden


"A paper on the history of Fort Malden would hardly be complete without a short account of the place where it was originally built. Amherstburg has been called a town for more than a hundred years and is therefore nearly as old as the original fort. It is today, and has been for many years, a unique town in some respects, the situation is beautiful overlooking the entrance to the Detroit River...".

"The name of the town is decidedly English, whilst in another respect it is characteristic of a town in the Province of Quebec, It has a considerable French population...".

"After the evacuation of Detroit in 1796, many of the British civil and military removed to Amherstburg."

"On the 24th of August 1908, Earl Grey, Governor General of Canada, visited Amherstburg and was shown the remains of the Fort Malden."

"...a number of United Empire Loyalists ex-members of Butler's regiment of Rangers formed a settlement in the vicinity of the present town of Amherstburg. Among the settlers were the Caldwells... .  Captain Caldwell had command of the company of Butler's Rangers in the war of 1812." [Source]

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