Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Substitute In The Army


Rev. Thomas Henry, Christian Minister, York Pioneer, and Soldier of 1812, was written and published by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. P.A. Henry.

"Thomas Henry, his grandfather, professed the Quaker religion. He lived to have only two children, one daughter named Mary, and one son, John, who was the father of Thomas Henry."

" 1811 he set sail for America with his family...;their destination was...Little York, capital of Upper Canada."

"...the last [year] of the war, he hired as a substitute in the army, and did military duty until peace was restored. He was employed with others to guard a batch of American prisoners from Toronto to Kingston, and another to Fort George at Niagara."

"While in the Garrison in Toronto he received, as other soldiers did, besides the regular rations, an extra bottle of spirits on Saturday night for Sunday use. While others made merry over their bottle on Sunday, he sent his to a small grocery to be sold, and carefully laid by the proceeds." 

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