Sunday, May 24, 2015

Battle Of The Sink Hole

Photo From An Adjacent County Of The Sink Hole Site

From Wikipedia:

The Battle of the Sink Hole was fought on May 24, 1815, after the official end of the War of 1812, between Missouri Rangers and Sauk Indians led by Black Hawk. The Sauk were unaware, or did not care, that their British patrons had signed the Treaty of Ghent with the U.S.

The most famous of these expeditions was that made in 1814 by a company of mounted rangers raised by Peter Craig of Cape Girardeau county. Many of the members of the company had served under Captain Ramsay in 1813; they were now enlisted for a period of one year to serve on the frontiers of Missouri and Illinois, and they became a part of a regiment commanded by Colonel William Russell.

After the company was was sent to North Missouri and while there fought the battle of the Sink Hole (Lincoln County, near Cape au Gris). [Source]


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