Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Great Disturber


Napoleon's land grab in Europe had consequences for North America.  Troops devoted to stopping him were not available for duty in America until the War of 1812 was well underway.

Per Maple Leaves:....

The great disturber of Europe, Napoleon the 1st, having been sent a prisoner...enabled Great Britain to send a portion of her veteran army, under the illustrious Wellington, to prosecute the war with America--the brunt of which had, for two years, been nobly sustained by the militia of Canada, assisted by the mere handful of regulars which had been left in the country.

Note: Napoleon specifically "disturbed" the Palm family as well:

We are distantly related to Johann Philip Palm who is famous in Europe as the person who was executed upon orders by Napoleon for "publishing and distributing libelous pamphlets about France and Napoleon."

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