Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baron Francis De Rottenburg


In May, 1810, he was transferred to the staff in Canada, and took the command of the garrison at Quebec; in the same year he was promoted to the rank of major general. In 1812, on the breaking out of the American war, he was appointed to the command of the Montreal district; and in 1813 he took the command of the troops in the upper province, and was sworn in president of Upper Canada. In 1812, he was promoted to the colonelcy of DeRolls regiment. In 1814 and 1815, he commanded the left division of the army in Canada, and returned to England in September of the latter year. He attained the rank of lieutenant general in 1819 and died at Portsmouth, England, on the 24th April 1832.

From Farewell banquet to Colonel the Baron de Rottenburg, C.B., adjutant general of militia, Canada:

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