Monday, July 27, 2015

General Lingan Killed By A Mob

Source (Baltimore In 1800)

From Sixty years in a school-room: an autobiography of Mrs. Julia A. Tevis ... by Julia Ann Tevis, John Tevis:

It was during my residence in Georgetown that the fiercest conflicts of the war of 1812 occurred. An incident connected with this war impressed me deeply, and gave me a terrific idea of mobs. Every well read person is familiar with the history of the bloody drama enacted in Baltimore, when the brave General Lingan was killed by an infuriated mob, though he begged so piteously that his life might be spared for the sake of his wife and children. He besought them to remember how manfully he had fought for his country in the 'old war;' but his voice was scarcely heard amid the roar of those wild beasts, who almost tore him to pieces. General Lee (Light Horse Harry) and several other Revolutionary patriots were so injured by the same mob that they died soon after. They were opposed to the war.

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