Thursday, July 23, 2015

John Steele And Sugar Loaf Hill

See Oil Painting of Gravelly Bay and Sugarloaf Hill in Port Colborne and the included description (excerpted below):

The War of 1812 Veteran "Big John Steele", John Steele's log Tavern Inn, built 1824, is in the forground and Christian Zavitz's log home is located at the entrance to Eagle Marsh.

John Steele (1773-1855) served in the War of 1812 in *Baxter's Co. in the 3rd Regiment of the Lincoln Militia.

Early records refer to the cabin as "Steele's Tavern" and it was known to be used as a meeting place before the canal was built.
Sugar Loaf Hill (Port Colborne)

Image 472

Library and Archives Canada has War of 1812 officers and soldiers:

[Microfilm Roll] T-10386 23 3rd Regiment, Lincoln Militia -
Officers & Staff, Company, Detachment Rolls 1812-1814
*John Steele found on the muster rolls here [Image 473]

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