Thursday, July 16, 2015

Polly Hayward Henry's Sequel

An Interesting Sequel is an excerpt from The Escape Of Lydia Hayward* portrayed in Old Hay Bay Church.

*The escape....[was a].story of an American family caught in Upper Canada by the outbreak of the war... .  in 1808 they [Joshua and Lydia Hayward] removed to Canada, where they lived four years. Joshua Hayward was pressed into the British service during the contest of Great Britain with the United States, but he deserted at the end of a month and returned to his native State. He at once enlisted in the army of the United States and remained in the Federal service until the close of the war.

An Interesting Sequel [Source]

"In 1880...a later child of Lydia Hayward published a book in Toronto, entitled, Memoir of Rev. Thomas Henry: Christian Minister, York Pioneer, and Soldier of 1812. Polly Ann Hayward (1825-1913) had married Thomas Henry's son George, and thus came to write her father-in-law's biography."

"In the book Polly Ann identifies herself as the daughter of the Rev. Joshua and Lydia Hayward. Whereas her father, Joshua, died in 1840, she describes her mother, Lydia, as "now [1880] in her 92nd year and in good health."


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