Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Smith's Knoll On Their Left Hand

Source [Portrait of Wm. Merritt Mentioned Below]

Journal and Transactions of the Wentworth Historical Society...:

The British, commanded by Col. Harvey, and consisting of 704 men, composed of parts of the 49th and 8th King's, with a few militia--the late Hon. William Hamilton Merritt, a militia dragoon officer, being one --having left Burlington Heights, where Gen. Vincent, with a force of about 1700 covered both sides of the present road or 1800 men were entrenched, they proceeded along the road leading to the Red Hill and to Niagara. These men left Burlington Heights about 11 p.m. on June 5th. On proceeding eastward they would have, on making the attack, the James Gage farm and cemetery on their right hand; the Williamson property (then owned by Wm. Gage) and Smith's Knoll on their left hand.

Archaeology activity near Smith's Knoll

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