Saturday, October 24, 2015

Background Of Lundy's Lane


My information respecting the early settlement of...Lundy's Lane is as follows: In the year 1778 or thereabouts, three men by the names of Lundy, Howey and Brooks, married to sisters by the name of Silverthorn, lived in what is now known as the State of New Jersey (then a British colony), at a place called the Log Jail, about sixty miles from New York. These men, rather than join General Washington's army, came to Canada and settled at or near Niagara Falls. I heard Mr. Brooks, who was my grandfather, say, when describing his journey to Canada, that they came on horseback. Each one had two horses and each a wife and one child. My mother was one of the children; name, Sarah Brooks. Her father said they had heard there was a British colony somewhere in the west called Canada, and that they were going to find it.

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