Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Diah Manning's Family


"Diah Manning's son, Asa (b. 1795) was also a drummer in the war of 1812 [Diah was a drummer in the Revolutionary War], and from the history of Norwich, we quote his own account of the battle of Lundy's Lane. 'There were some 45 of us Norwich boys who fought at Lundy's Lane, some of whom laid down their lives on that bloody field and all fought with courageous gallantry. We brought off our flag, though it was shot from the staff and riddled with 30 or 40 bullet holes.'"

There's a Haitian connection to this family:


"The family of Diah Manning were extremely kind in their attentions to a young Haytien mulatto who had been taken prisoner in 1800 by an American ship during the Haytien war and brought with several others of his countrymen to Norwich. This young mulatto, Jean Pierre Boyer, afterward became the President of the Republic of Hayti, and nearly twenty years afterward, sent a present of $400 each to the widows of Consider Sterry and Diah Manning in return for their kindness to him in his captivity." [Source]

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