Monday, December 7, 2015

Thoughts Of War Compared To 1940


Excerpts from a book published Christmas, 1940 [before a "date that will live in infamy" and the Declaration Of War by the United States]:

"Across the sea, even as in 1940, a world-shaking conflict was going on. Although America desired to have no part in it, our national rights and our peaceful commerce were assailed with fine impartiality by both warring nations."

" was reserved for his [Jefferson's] political heir, President Madison, to pilot the country through a three-year war."

"...we declared war in 1812 upon the greatest military power in the world. If Denmark in the spring of 1940 had declared war upon Germany and confidently anticipated romping into Berlin in a few weeks' time, the exhibition of national folly suggested would have been scarcely more astounding." 

"As it turned out, such factors as our distance from Europe and the preoccupation of Great Britain with the Napoleonic struggle preserved America from the national defeat and dismemberment we had so rashly invited. Saved by a hairsbreadth from such a fate...".

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